Life Update


I just wanted to send a hello email to you guys as I realised I haven’t since this whole pandemic started. It’s been a whirl wind for myself and everyone I know that I didn’t want to send out any more hand washing messages to you lol. I think you have all heard that enough. I did however want to let you know that I do see the light at the end of the tunnel coming…which is awesome! So that is something to be excited about!  

Some states have already starting getting back to real life, or if you live in California like me you know we are a bit slower to open than everybody else;-) 

On the music front, I have’t released any new music since Summertime Sadness dropped in Feb, but I have taken the time to write a lot. And, I have recorded at home this time around with the circumstances being and the project is sounding better than expected so I’m stoked! I will releasing more music soon so I’ll keep you updated with that. 

I hope you can keep your spirits up by doing the things you love to do during this time and remember we are in this together. We’ll all have that experience to look back on someday and be like “That was crazzzzzyy!!!”  

If your new to  me and want to follow me on my socials I usually post a lot of inspirational messages on my socials if you want to swing by,   I’m all about positivity 🙂