Announcing New Project!


I wanted to share with you a little about a new project I’m really excited about! So here it is 🙂 

I think this fast paced world needs a little more compassion, love, and reflection of who we are and where were heading. It’s like were evolving,  but were losing who we are at the core & who we were made to be and live like.

So I’m sharing little clips of the songs I’m currently writing for my upcoming album. Just RAW stripped down snippets if you will:-) 
I posted the first couple of pieces from my project already and and next week you can catch the next one on Instagram and facebook.
 It’s called “Heart Pieces” with Natasha!   Since I’m all about the heart in all I do,  I’ve decided to call it project Heart Pieces.  

So that’s it really! Hope you can follow and enjoy the ride with me, because I enjoy having you there ✨✨

Maybe I’m a little old fashioned in my way of thinking, but I’m sticking to it 🤪 

 Hope you are having a lovely week love bugs and KEEP ROCKING!!

 Bye For Now!!!