Artist Biography


California native Natasha Jane Julian is an artist with a passion for moody yet melodic Pop vibes and jarring emotions with heartfelt lyrics. The lyrical content of her music is that of substance and sophistication. With her sultry smooth vocal, she exposes the holes in humanity in a beautiful, and sometimes haunting way.


   Growing up in Southern California, Natasha has been dancing, acting, and singing ever since she can remember, with a true passion for the stage. Following her experiences in a few local music projects, she later decided to develop her solo career and stepped out from her band. She started writing pop songs in 2015 and with the help of a team of professional musicians based in several countries across the world she self released her debut EP in 2016. Making her vision come to life.


    After writing and self releasing her 2019 EP ANGEL,  which was a collaboration with UK Grammy award winning producer Dom Morley, it received great reviews and a NJJ community started to form. Natasha is rolling into 2020 more ready than ever. Now collaborating on a new project with producer Ian Barter. Already up and running with her band in LA and their live act, she says a  tour is in the horizon.

   Natasha is excited to share her new material with her fans and she is greatful to be back in her home state of California after spending the last 3 years living in France,  performing in the UK,  and Finland. She says living abroad has given her the best unexpected musical development period she could’ve ever imagined, but it sure feels good to be home.

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