A true performer from the start. Natasha has always found herself on stage, starting with dance at a young age, then musical theatre, and later more intensively studying singing, which later lead her to artist develgopement and songwriting that she does today. Natasha's love for music was fueled purely by her intense passion to express herself and perform as she did as kid.

Originally from a small mountain town in southern California, Natasha always took the stage and lead role in plays and talent shows. She moved to Los Angeles after high school where she spent the next few years studying singing and acting until deciding that her real passion was for music. She moved to Florida in 2011 and it was there where she joined a band and started performing the south Florida music scene and started dabbling in writing songs with the band.

After releasing their first EP with the band in 2014, she then broke off on her own and spent some time off the stage writing and developing herself as an solo artist which is where she knew she needed to be. After writing her first batch of songs, in 2015 she met and teamed up with guitarist, artist, and producer Phil Baker to take her songs to the next level with arrangement and production, and co- writing one song together as well.

Since then she has released her debut solo EP "Now I Know" now available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and more worldwide sites. Natasha is currently staying in France, but has a newly formed full back up band based out of Liverpool, UK . She spends her time between France, the UK, and her home Los Angeles. She hopes to start touring soon, and has already started writing material for her next full length album. The sky is the limit from here! She is open to whatever new adventure her music takes her!

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